Useful Careers Links

At Holy Cross we want to provide the best support possible to our pupils no matter what course they choose to take following their GCSEs. The following is a collection of links recommended by the Lancashire Enterprise Adviser Network to various sources of information on finding the right career path.

Labour Market Information
Take the Buzz Test

This website is an excellent resource that will allow you to watch video clips of people who have experience of working in a wide range of job sectors from property management, science, marketing, PR and many more.

The Russell Group Guide to making decisions about post-16 education

Please note that choices of A levels will vary between departments at universities, so please use this as an overall guide not as a definitive resource. The best way is to contact the Admission Tutor for the subject you are interested in applying.

Alternative to university

Information with alternative options to university. Such as, apprenticeships, alternative courses, higher education, sponsored education, distance learning, work experience, gap year and traineeships.

Future Trends in the Job Market

Find out what the graduates from 2008 were doing in 2009 – how many had jobs, the types of jobs they went into, and how many went on to further study. This information will help you to get a better understanding of the job market.

What University? What Course?

Degree Course Finder


Push – Guide to UK universities – Independent guide to UK universities, student life, gap years, open days, student finance and all things student related.

What Uni? – university search site. Easy searching for university courses, university course reviews and college course reviews in the UK.

bestCourse4me – Shows you the link between what people study and their employment record afterwards.

Open University – Not sure you want the expense of university? Then you could consider Open University course. Find out more by visiting the above website.

Apprenticeships / Training

Volunteering / Enrichment
STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Information