Headteacher’s Awards

Each year a number of pupils are selected to receive a Headteacher’s Award. The awards are given to those who make a special contribution to the Catholic life of the school, perhaps through membership of a particular group, such as the SVP, Faith in Action, the Food Bank Group, or School Council; or through a specific action, such as training as a Eucharistic Minister, or helping to support younger pupils through the Thursday Club; or because they have been instrumental in charity fundraising. A number of pupils also receive an award for simply being excellent members of the school community and epitomising our ethos in the way they go about their business on a daily basis. Recipients of the Headteacher’s Awards are invited to a celebration breakfast at which they receive a certificate marking their achievement.

In the 2017/2018 year, the following pupils received a Headteacher’s Award:

Year 7
  • Daniella Berry
  • Dylan Bibby
  • Ella Bonehill
  • Ella Green
  • Pearl Thompson-Gleave
  • Tegan Whitbourn
Year 8
  • George Billington
  • Billy Croniken
  • Lucy Greenwood
  • Olivia Guest
  • Torin Hall
  • Alice Macintosh
  • Luke Sands
  • Matthew Titterington
  • Isabelle Wheeldon
Year 9
  • Sophie Coyne
  • Abbie Gore
  • Daniel Hardman
  • Joseph Huyton
  • Amy Langrish
  • Angela Nolan
  • Olivia Pape
  • Chloe Prescott
  • Naomi Roscoe
  • Adam Unsworth
  • Kirsty Wilde
  • Lauren Wilson
Year 10
  • Emma Ash
  • Zac Blackwell
  • Teddy Henry
  • Klaudia Kamecka
  • Adam Leach
  • Grace Seed
  • Jacob Thompson
  • Emma Threlfall
  • Beth Tyrer-Hope