Holy Cross students begin to consider their future beyond secondary school as early as Year 9 when they consider their GCSE options. They will experience an “Industry Day” in which many local employers, businesses, vocations, professional organisations and tradesmen are invited to visit Holy Cross. Students will be given the opportunity to talk to people about careers they may have some interest in or careers about which they are merely curious.

In Year 10, students will meet with representatives of our local further education colleges and also work through tasks on “Kudos” which will offer suggestions about possible careers that may be appropriate for their personal qualities and academic profile.

In Year 11, support is given to all pupils to make the right choices for post-16. We pride ourselves in have zero (or occasionally 1) NEET.

In this section you will find important information about careers and also about our local Colleges. Please take some time to read and digest the information.

College Open Days 2018-19

Download – Careers Guidance Notes for Leavers

Download – Apprenticeships letter