The Holy Cross Senior Pupil Team for 2023/24

All our senior pupils are very active around school and provide outstanding role models for our younger pupils.  They attend official functions, welcome visitors to our school and the team also leads Student Voice by chairing the Student Council and feeding back to Senior Leadership.  It is their primary role to represent Holy Cross on behalf of all pupils and to recommend any changes within school for the benefit of all of our pupils.

Head Girl

My name is Evie and I am the current Head Girl at Holy Cross for 2023/24

I began my journey at St Josephs Withnell, where I was able to be taught skills such as determination, resilience and working hard.  During my time at Holy Cross, I have been able to develop these skills as well as being able to gain more.  Through the use of these skills, I have been able to understand what I excel in as well as being able to improve on other things which I am not naturally gifted at.  One subject I have been able to find a love for is Drama.  I performed in the most recent performance of Grease and played the character Patty Simcox.  This performance enabled me to develop my acting skills, resulting in me choosing Drama as one of my subjects.  I have been very lucky to have attended many school visits such as the Battlefields trip, when I was privileged enough to lay a wreath in The Menin Gate Memorial, as well as the visit to Berlin with History. I am very honoured to have the opportunity to be Head Girl and I look forward to representing such an amazing school and being an aid to fellow pupils.

Head Boy

My name is Reuben and I am the current Head Boy at Holy Cross for 2023/24

I started off my school days at St Mary’s as a child without a care in the world and now, as I am in my last year of school, I have learned through the staff at Holy Cross how to be resilient, to never give up when you are faced with challenges that may seem impossible, how to be a good leader, to always make sure my peers are happy and engaged and how to be confident, to speak out about my beliefs and have trust in my abilities to overcome a difficult task.  I am also a kind, hardworking and enthusiastic boy and these qualities enable me to thrive as much as possible with the help of our school.  I am passionate about football.  I play four times a week and have done so for over ten years.  This sport has allowed me to gain confidence and communication skills which is essential for me to be the best version of myself.  I have chosen PE, History and Spanish as my GCSE options subjects and I am eternally grateful for the opportunities that have been provided for me by these departments as well as RE, Maths, Science and English.  I was honoured to be asked to lay a wreath at the Chorley PALS memorial during my France and Belgium trip that was run by our excellent History department.  I am proud to be Head Boy of this outstanding school and cannot wait for the challenges and opportunities ahead of me.


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