At Holy Cross we ensure that pupils’ work, efforts, and attitudes are routinely noticed and rewarded.  Positive behaviour points are known as A1s.

Pupils can also earn A1 points, and these can be given by any of their teachers for a whole host of reasons, including any from the categories below:

Curriculum (Classwork or Homework)

  • For outstanding effort
  • For outstanding work

Contribution to the Catholic Life of the School

  • Fundraising and Charity
  • Random act of Kindness
  • Catholic Ethos


  • Contribution to Form
  • Attendance at a school event

How are the Rewards used?

The pupils’ points are recorded and collated each week so that a weekly Form Competition can take place, with the winning pupils receiving a small prize if they top the rewards chart.  Then at the end of each Term a prize draw takes place where the pupils can win gift vouchers.

Mr Gaughan also hosts a weekly Headteacher’s breakfast where each department or year group nominate pupils for living out our mission statement of Love God, work hard, Be kind.

Whole School Rewards Trip

At the end of the academic year, we run a Rewards Day in school.  Pupils attend various fun activities throughout the day depending on how many points they have received.  The day aims to create cohesion amongst the pupils but also ensure we celebrate excellence and effort.

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