New Intake

Welcome Year 6s to Holy Cross!

28 August 2020 – PE Kit Delivery Issues Update

We are aware that there is an issue with PE kit especially for our new Y7 pupils.  Please click here to view our latest guidance and procedures for the start of term.

Normally we would get the opportunity to spend time together in July so that you can get a feel for life in high school. Sadly, this isn’t currently possible. However, all the staff and pupils of Holy Cross want to make this transition as easy as possible for you as we all get ready for the new academic year.

On this page you will find many resources to give you a better idea of what life is like at Holy Cross.

We have messages from several of your teachers, along with our current Head Boy and Head Girl. We also have some sample lessons to help give you an idea of what you will learn in your first year with us.

We do hope that you enjoy what we have here and that you will get involved. You can send your work in and photos/videos to and we will make a fantastic display for when you start in September and we will put on our twitter site.

We look forward to meeting you fully in September.

Staff and Pupil Introductions:

“Sky Hawk” English Project:

Sky Hawk Transition Project – Introduction Letter

During the early stages of Year 7, our English department focus on the novel Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis. To help with these lessons, you are asked to read the book during the summer term and undertake some tasks to help your learning.

We have lots of resources and an introduction to the book on our Sky Hawk Literacy Transition Project page.  Take a look. We are sure you will really enjoy the story.

Year 7 Reflection:

Miss Webster has put together a special reflection for you as we edge closer to your joining of Holy Cross.

Transition Booklet:

We want to know as much about you as possible when you start with us in September.  To help us do this, your teachers have created a Transition Booklet with lots of fun tasks included covering many different subjects you will cover in Year 7.  Your parents will have been sent a copy of this through the post, but you can also download it here.

Transition Lessons:

To help you get a feel for what a day is like at Holy Cross, a number of teachers have produced sample lessons for you to watch.  Each video will give an introduction to that teacher along with information about the department.  You will then be given a lesson on that subject looking at something you will cover in more depth during Year 7.

Each lesson also gives you the chance to try things from home.  When you do, be sure to email photos or videos of what you complete to the address in the video.   All the staff at school would love to see what you have been up to!

  • Week 1 – Reflection – Linda Walmsley
    Our School Chaplain, Linda, introduces us to our school chapel.  You will get to see our school prayer and learn more about how we worship.
  • Week 2 – Food Technology – Mr Callander
    Your new Head of Year, Mr Callander, describes his role in school and that of your tutors. You will also get to learn how to make simple shortbread biscuits at home as we hear more about the Food and Nutrition course you will take in year 7.
  • Week 3 – English – Miss Calver
    Miss Calver takes a look at how we can improve our creative writing using descriptive language to describe our senses.  You will look at an image of a fairground and describe it by what you can see, hear, taste, smell, and feel.
  • Week 4 – Science – Miss Brown
    How do fireworks get their colour?  What is the pH level of household items and how do we test it?  You get to learn all about these things and more in Miss Brown’s Science lesson.  We also finish with a bang as we see a demonstration of methane being held in bubbles as we set Miss Moss’ hand, safely, on fire.
  • Week 5 – French – Mrs Black
    Our next stop on our school lesson tour takes us to the Modern Languages department.  We will meet Mrs Black who is going to show us how to describe ourselves in French. We will do this both through writing and verbally, with a few challenges along the way.
  • Week 6 – P.E. – Mr Stokes
    Time for a challange.  Mr Stokes has set six simple fitness tests that you can do at home.  How will you get on and can you beat a current Year 7 pupil?  Don’t forget to email your scores in at the end.

English Reading List:

Looking for more great books to read over the summer?  The English department have put together a list of great books that they think you will enjoy.  Take a look at their recommended reading list here!

Additional Documents and Support:

Further Support for Parents and Guardians:

schudioTv have released a number of resources to help with the transition of children with special needs returning to school at the end of the pandemic.  These materials require a registration, but all resources are free.