Transition Co-ordinator – Miss K Lowe

At Holy Cross we understand that the transition to high school can be a big step for both pupils and parents alike.  With this in mind, we do everything that we can to ensure that every child feels welcome, confident and part of our catholic community from the outset.

Pupils are given plenty of opportunities to visit our school and we have a number of Transition initiatives in place that are designed to make both academic and pastoral transition to Holy Cross as seamless as possible.  For pupils who may require some additional support before they begin Year 7, we offer the Get Set and Summer School programmes.  We also offer an Induction Day to every pupil who has secured a place at Holy Cross and an Intake Evening for parents and pupils, so that they are able to meet their form tutor and their tutor group.  Pupils will have the opportunity to experience lessons at Holy Cross, to make like-minded friends and to familiarise themselves with staff and the school site.

In addition to this, we are very fortunate to have excellent relationships with our local feeder primary schools.  Therefore, we are able to begin Transition activities from Year 4 onwards so that, by the time they join us in Year 7, pupils are familiar with Holy Cross and recognise a few friendly faces.

Feeder Primary Schools

Our strong links with our primary feeder schools afford us the opportunity to offer both academic and pastoral Transition activities from Year 4 onwards.  In Year 4, pupils are invited to Holy Cross to take part in a Retreat Day.  On this day, they will take part in activities on the theme of the journey from primary school to secondary school.  For pupils in Years 4 and 5, the English department runs a Spelling Bee competition.  Also in Year 5, pupils will be invited to take part in the Thomas Martland Trophy, which is a maths competition that has been running in partnership with our primary feeders for 25 years.  The science department also runs Year 5 science days where pupils partake in a range of science investigations and practical activities.  Science also runs a practical science competition for teams of Year 6 pupils from each of our primary feeders.

In Year 6, teachers from English and maths go into our primary feeder schools to teach lessons.  In the last term of Year 6, the English department provide a scheme of work for pupils to complete with their primary school class and this scheme continues in the first half term of Year 7.

We regularly liaise with feeder primary head teachers regarding the academic and pastoral transition process to ensure that we are constantly tailoring our plans to best meet the needs of the pupils.

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