Sky Hawk Literacy Transition Project

As part of the support we offer Year 6 pupils as they make the transition to Holy Cross Catholic High School, we run a yearly literacy project based on the novel Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis.

The project is extremely important as it forms the foundation for the start of the English curriculum in Year 7, thus it is essential that you encourage your child to read the novel and work through the booklet. Completing the activities to their best ability will stand them in good stead for the transition to secondary English and should also be an exciting way to engage with a novel!

Ordinarily, primary school pupils receive a copy of the novel, a work booklet and a competition delivered via their primary school. On this page you will find the work booklet that we would like all Year 6 pupils to complete after reading the book; the competition is also easily downloadable and can be submitted to your English teacher in September – we’d love to see your entries!

In addition to the compulsory work booklet, we have also provided a series of PowerPoints and worksheets under the folder ‘Additional English Home Learning for Sky Hawk’, although these lessons are not compulsory you may find them helpful in supporting your child’s English work or choose to work through them at your leisure.

You can also email us at to let us know your thoughts on the novel. Please don’t forget to include your full name and primary school in your email.

An introduction to Sky Hawk by its author, Gill Lewis: