Religious Education

Ms Devlin — Head of Department

All pupils receive five 60 minute lessons of RE over a 2 week timetable and our faith is at the centre of our school.  Our mission statement “I have come that they may have life and have it to the full” is lived out in the RE department through our academic success at GCSE level and through our spiritual support and guidance for pupils as they progress through their faith journey.


The department has a suite of 4 teaching rooms and a chapel.  The chapel is used by RE classes throughout the week for meditations and focused prayer activities.  The wider school community use the chapel for tutor masses (weekly), tutor time collective worship, ‘Breakfast with God’ (staff prayer Fridays 8.30 a.m.), Reconciliation services and many more occasions.

Curriculum Plan

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Curriculum: Key Stage 3

In accordance with the directive of the Archdiocese of Liverpool pupils follow the PEOPLE OF GOD framework:

Year 7:

  • Unit 1 – Who is God?
  • Unit 2 – Who is Jesus?
  • Unit 3 – What is the Kingdom of God?
  • Unit 4 – Lent and Holy Week
  • Unit 5 – What are the signs of identity for Jewish people?
  • Unit 6 – What are the Catholic signs of identity?

Year 8:

  • Unit 1 – What does it mean to be Covenant People?
  • Unit 2 – How do we live out Reconciliation?
  • Unit 3 – Do faith and science conflict?
  • Unit 4 – How do we live as Covenant People?
  • Unit 5 – What are the Hindu signs of identity?
  • Unit 6 – How do we meet the challenge to live justly?

Year 9:

  • Unit 1 – What are the signs of identity for Muslim people?
  • Unit 2 – How do we respect the Sanctity of Life?
  • Aspects of the GCSE syllabus are taught from January of Year 9


All pupils at Key Stage 3 are assessed at the end of each unit of work. Assessment will take the form of summative assessments (specific pieces of work / projects) and formative (written tests). These assessments inform teaching, progress and setting arrangements.

Curriculum: Key Stage 4

In accordance with the directive of the Archdiocese of Liverpool pupils follow:

Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies Syllabus A


Area of Study 1 – Study of Catholic Christianity

  • Beliefs and Teachings
  • Practices
  • Sources of Wisdom and Authority
  • Forms of Expression and Ways of Life

Area of Study 2 – Study of a Second Religion-Judaism

  • Beliefs and Teachings
  • Practices

Area of Study 3 – Philosophy and Ethics based on Catholic Christianity

  • Arguments for the Existence of God
  • Religious Teachings on Relationships and Families in the 21st Century

*We subscribe to ‘Kerboodle’ which enables pupils to access the course textbook on line

Assessment overview-3 formal exams are taken at the end of Yr 11

  • Area of Study 1 – 1 hour 45 minute paper
  • Area of Study 2 – 50 minute paper
  • Area of Study 3 – 50 minute paper

 (More detail is available on the Edexcel website)

Extra Curricular Opportunities

  • All the department are involved with the development of the spiritual wellbeing of the pupils outside lessons such as day retreats, educational visits, SVP, CAFOD 
  • We have close links with Cardinal Newman College who run workshops for our GCSE classes
  • Our pupils regularly contribute to the local community through the SVP group
  • As a school we raise money for a number of charitable causes including Nugent Care and CAFOD
  • We celebrate weekly mass (Tuesday lunchtimes)
  • A number of our pupils are Eucharistic Ministers.

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