Physical Education

Miss Dent — Head of Department

Vision and our aims

We are an inclusive and innovative department that allows all of our pupils the opportunity to succeed and reach their potential. We provide pupils with a curriculum and the extra-curricular opportunities to challenge and motivate them to develop lifelong love of physical activity.

Holy Cross PE 5 Year Learning Journey


  • 3 grass football pitches
  • 1 rugby pitch
  • 1 400m athletics track
  • 1 long jump pit
  • 1 sports hall
  • A fitness/dance studio
  • MUGA
  • 1 floodlit astroturf
Curriculum: Key Stage 3

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum offering a uge variety of different sports including, but not limited to:

  • Invasion games (football, netball, rugby)
  • Aesthetics (gymnastics, trampolining, dance)
  • Striking/Fielding (rounders, cricket, softball)
  • Net/Court (badminton, table tennis)
  • Athletics
  • OAA
  • HRF


Pupils in KS3 are assessed in three different areas throughout the year. This includes their physical ability, leadership ability and cognitive ability. As a PE department, we are committed to developing the holistic child and assessing in all three of the above strands allows each child to achieve.

Each child will continually be assessed against each performance indicator. Pupils in KS3 will receive an EoY grade that is created dependent on where they fall on the PI table.

Please see assessment criteria for KS3 pupils attached below:

Curriculum: Key Stage 4

Core PE

Each child in Year 10 and 11 will still be involved in CORE PE lessons. At KS4, pupils will be given the opportunity to choose their own pathway, typically a games pathway, individual sport pathway and fitness pathway. Our key aim at KS4 is to benefit pupils mental, physical and social health and give pupils the opportunity to access physical activity that they are able to continue as they leave school and enter adult life.

Examination Pathways

We offer two examination pathways to pupils at KS4 including GCSE Edexcel Physical Education and Cambridge National Sports Studies L2.

An outline of each is included below.

GCSE Edexcel PE

60% Theory and Examination:

Topics include, but are not limited to; the musculo-skeletal and cardio-respiratory system, physical training, movement analysis and socio-cultural influences.

30% Practical:

Pupils will be afforded the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of sports over the two years they study GCSE PE. They will take forward their highest scores from three different sports. These sports will be a combination of individual and team sports.

10% PEP Coursework

Pupils will be assessed of a Personal Exercise Programme that they create. This is a centre assessed piece of coursework that is sat in exam conditions.

CNAT Sports Studies

75% coursework and 25% examination

The Cambridge National Sports Studies course is made up of four separate modules that all hold an equal weighting of 25%. 3 of these modules are coursework based (with some practical elements) and the other an exam.

Exam: R051 – Contemporary Issues in Sport


R052: Developing Sports Skills
R053: Sports Leadership
R054: Sport and the media

Extra Curricular Provision

Extra-curricular opportunities is something, as a department, we pride ourselves on. We offer a multitude of extra-curricular clubs each week that include both inclusive and competitive sport. Past pupils have been highly successful in many areas and many pupils are in elite development squads for a variety of sports throughout the North West.


Please follow our Twitter account to find out everything we are doing both in and out of PE lessons: @holycrossPEchor