Mr Murray — Head of Department

Students at Holy Cross Catholic High School study 3 lessons per fortnight in Year 7, 4 in Years 8-9 and 5 in Years 10-11. History develops a wide range of analytical, communication and citizenship skills and ultimately aims to give students a sense and appreciation of how the past has moulded our present.


There are two specialist History rooms that are well-equipped and maintained. A teaching resources store and consumables cupboard provide adequate storage. The Department has a range of textbooks, paper resources, topic and depth study boxes, a suite of laptops and a shared network for electronic lesson materials. Both rooms have Smartboards and two conventional whiteboards. We also have access to three computer areas.

Curriculum Plan

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Curriculum: Key Stage 3

Year 7

Students undertake a chronological study of key periods of British history from the legacy of Rome to the end of the English Civil War and Oliver Cromwell. Key topics include the Middle Ages, Tudors and Stuarts.

Year 8

The focus is on important themes in the development of the United Kingdom and the British Empire. Courses include how the UK was formed, the British Empire, crime and punishment and the Industrial Revolution. An in depth investigation into slavery and the history of black peoples of the Americas completes the year.

Year 9

Students investigate key 20th Century topics such as the World Wars, the Holocaust, modern America and the Vietnam War.


Our exciting new AQA GCSE History course covers the modern topics of Germany 1890-1945 and World War I, but also a depth study of Elizabeth I and the chronological sweep of Medicine through Time.


Students in Years 7-9 are formally assessed five times per year. These take the form of exams, essays and independent research projects.

Curriculum: Key Stage 4

GCSE candidates are given a range of exam and controlled assessment coursework tasks to reach their potential. These include past exam papers, formal essays and weekly exam question homework.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

The History Department runs a range of extra-curricular activities, including a Y7 trip to Warwick Castle, Y8 trip to Liverpool Slavery Museum, Year 9 tour of the battlefields of World War I and GCSE tours of Berlin and Auschwitz. The Department leads whole-school commemoration of Remembrance and Holocaust Memorial Week.

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