Mrs Parkinson — Subject Leader

Geography is an integral part of the rich and diverse curriculum here at Holy Cross. Geography has always been a popular subject at both KS3 and KS4. It is an ever evolving subject due to its very topical nature and we believe it can help play an important part in helping  our young children develop a sense of place and identity in the world and understand the many processes that shape it.


Geography is taught in two main specialist rooms (Room 30 and 31). They both have interactive whiteboards and a store of current resources and textbooks which are designed to promote and engage the teaching of Geography at KS3 and KS4.

Curriculum Plan

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Curriculum: Key Stage 3


  • Unit 1- What is Geography?
  • Unit 2- Rivers and Flooding
  • Unit 3- Settlement
  • Unit 4- Ecosystems
  • Unit 5- Economic Activity
  • Unit 6- Weather and Climate


  • Unit 1- Exploring the UK
  • Unit 2- Alternative Hazards
  • Unit 3-  India
  • Unit 4- Antarctica
  • Unit 5- Getting to know Uganda
  • Unit 6- Coasts


  • Unit 1- Tourism
  • Unit 2- Volcanoes and Earthquakes
  • Unit 3- China
  • Unit 4- Environment and Resources
  • Unit 5- Globalisation
  • Unit 6- Ice Landscapes


Pupils undertake a series of Formative and Summative assessment tasks in each unit focussing on Geographical skills.  Opportunities present themselves in a number of topics for end of unit tests such as ‘What is Geography’ and ‘Volcanoes and Earthquakes’

Curriculum: Key Stage 4

Y10 Topics:  Restless Earth, Ice on the Land and Living World
Pupils take a 1.5 hr. exam which incorporates three 25 mark questions on the topics above (37.5%)
Y11 Topics: Tourism, Population and Changing Urban Environments
Pupils take a 1.5 hr. exam which incorporates three 25 mark questions on the topics above (37.5%)

Controlled Assessments: – An investigation into Tourism in Hawkshead and Tarn Hows in the English Lake District.
Pupils produce a 2500 word limit report on Hawkshead as a Honeypot  (25%)

Extra Curricular Opportunities

Fieldwork at KS4 to Hawkshead, Lake District as part of data collection towards their controlled assessments

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