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The Religious Education department is committed to delivering a broad and balanced RE curriculum based on the Religious Education Curriculum Directory under the guidance of the Archbishop of Liverpool.  Pupils develop their substantive knowledge by focusing on theology, philosophy and our Catholic faith tradition.  We aim to create a safe and nurturing learning environment, where pupils are free to ask questions without judgement in order to develop enquiring minds.  Ambitious vocabulary is interwoven into each module in order to ensure equal opportunities for all pupils through religious literacy.  Critical thinking skills, such as analysis and evaluation prepare our pupils for further study at A-Level and beyond.

In Religious Education pupils are challenged to build their personal knowledge by listening to the gospel and responding to it.  We ask them to consider their own moral values in the light of Christ’s teachings as they develop their own moral compass to navigate through life outside of the school community.  We encourage pupils to explore the diversity of other faith traditions and non-religious viewpoints in order to reflect the changing landscape of the UK.  Most importantly we hope to give pupils the spiritual strength to go out into the world and do good, putting our Catholic faith into action.

“I have come that they should have life and live it to the full.” John 10:10  

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