Miss A Dent – Head of Department


The Physical Education department at Holy Cross are committed to ensuring that all pupils develop a life-long love of physical activity through the implementation of a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum.  Our approach to physically educating each child that attends Holy Cross is underpinned by ensuring all learners have the ability to progress physically, socially and emotionally.  Through innovative teaching, pupils are able to develop physical competence in a wide variety of team, individual and aesthetic sports and also acquire the knowledge to create and apply tactics in a variety of situations thus becoming confident and resilient young people who enjoy competition.

We are committed to providing a progressive curriculum that is inclusive for all pupils, regularly giving young people the opportunity to learn about and take part in outdoor adventurous activities and disability sports.  As physical educators we give all pupils the chance to cultivate leadership skills both in lesson and in extra-curricular opportunities.  Alongside lessons, the extensive extra-curricular sporting programme we offer promotes excellence and ambition, with pupils achieving success at a multitude of levels.  It also encapsulates our want for pupils to find a passion and love for leading a healthy active lifestyle through our recreational clubs.

As a department, we pride ourselves on the demonstration and development of sporting values by pupils across KS3 and KS4.  Pupils regularly have the opportunity to model the values of sportsmanship, friendship, teamwork, determination and courage.  This is further aided by the strong local links we have with sporting clubs in Lancashire.  Our ambitious curriculum allows pupils to mature in to well-rounded individuals who are able to continue into higher education and careers within the sporting sector.

Curriculum Map

Curriculum Plan Physical Education Core
Curriculum Plan Physical Education GCSE v1
Curriculum Plan Physical Education CNAT v1

Curriculum Journey

Curriculum Journey - PE Core v5
Curriculum Journey - GCSE PE v4
Curriculum Journey - CNAT v3

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