Mrs C Gaughan – Head of Department


The Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) department at Holy Cross aims to deliver rich, diverse and challenging learning opportunities, which inspire pupils to thoroughly embrace learning a foreign language and discover the academic advantage it brings in the world of employment.

Within the broad and balanced curriculum, pupils are encouraged to be independent and creative in their learning, questioning and exploring their own language whilst learning to cope in a variety of contexts in another.  Pupils are given opportunities to express their ideas, opinions and thoughts as well as responding to others, which is underpinned by the development of solid linguistic skills through the ambitious teaching of phonics, vocabulary and grammar.

The MFL curriculum offers all Holy Cross pupils equal opportunity to study at least one foreign language up to GCSE level.  Equally, it endeavours to develop pupils’ curiosity to open their minds to other cultures, promoting tolerance and understanding, ready for them to take up their place in our multilingual, multicultural global society.

“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way”.

Frank Smith (Contemporary psycholinguist)

Curriculum Map

Curriculum Plan French
Curriculum Plan Spanish v2

Curriculum Journey

Curriculum Journey - French v5
Curriculum Journey - Spanish v2


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