Mrs Z Coyle – Head of Department


Our intent is for all pupils to become fluent in maths, to reason and to efficiently solve problems with confidence, resilience and positivity.  Our broad and balanced curriculum consists of varied practice with increasingly complex problems, promoting an appreciation of maths around us.  We aim to develop pupils’ conceptual understanding through an ambitious scheme of learning, which is suitable to individual’s needs and builds on the national curriculum at KS2.  Our vision is to inspire, encourage and motivate pupils to appreciate the importance of maths.  Pupils enjoy coming to maths lessons, have a thirst for knowledge and a curiosity to learn.  Pupils leave Holy Cross having become independent learners who enjoy challenges having achieved their full potential.  All pupils are fully engaged in lessons, are inquisitive and make connections to maths in a real-life context.  Pupils have equal access to the curriculum and understand how this will benefit them later in life.

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Maths Scheme of Work Curriculum Plan

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