Mr M Murray – Head of Humanities


The History Department’s vision at Holy Cross Catholic High School is to engage pupils into the exciting, important and enjoyable subject of History.  Our curriculum and assessment framework aims to:

  • To embed in our pupils the values of our department, for example high standards for all, academic rigour and a high level of challenge and ambition.
  • Meet the needs of all pupils inclusively and therefore enable equality for all.  For example, strategies for pupils with individual support plans and embedded and consistently implemented.  Support for pupils is explicit where needed and barriers to learning therefore broken down.
  • Introduce and embed key historical skills, for example chronology.
  • To inculcate a thirst for historical knowledge through a variety of rich thought-provoking stories and enquiry questions, such as how did life change under the Nazis?
  • To build a secure understanding of substantive knowledge, for example studying key periods in British history, for example religious and societal change 1485-1603.
  • To develop disciplinary knowledge and concepts, for example change, continuity and causation.
  • Build a coherent and thorough knowledge of the key time periods of British history, for example 1066-1485.
  • The ability to reach substantiated judgements based on a considered assessment of different arguments.
  • To introduce pupils to a wide variety of historical sources in order to help them build a broad and deep understanding of the past, for example interpretations of the Holocaust.
  • Enable pupils to understand and effectively use key historical terms in their explanations of the past for example imperialism, propaganda and Reformation.

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