Miss R Shiels – Head of Department


Our English curriculum at Holy Cross is broad, balanced and challenging for all pupils.  Through the study of English language and literature, we aim to foster expressive readers, creative writers and effective communicators who are fully prepared for the rigours of GCSE study and equipped with the confidence and skills to flourish in an ever-changing, competitive world.

Our ambitious curriculum builds on the skills and knowledge taught at KS2 and immerses pupils in a wide range of texts from different eras and places.  Pupils are encouraged to read critically, with imagination, and to make connections to the world around them.  The texts studied are carefully selected to address important social and historical issues.  Pupils are supported to openly discuss and debate such issues in a mature and inclusive way.  Pupils are expected to interrogate, to be inquisitive and to become active and resilient learners.

All pupils at Holy Cross have equal access to the English curriculum and recognise how the concepts, knowledge and skills taught will empower them in later life.  While examination success is paramount to our vision, we equally aim to nurture well-rounded citizens.  Through delivering stimulating lessons and through our extra-curricular provision, the English curriculum ensures that success is tangible for all.

“A word after a word after a word is power.”

Margaret Atwood

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