Summer School 2021

In August, we ran a Summer School for part of our new Year 7 cohort.

Following the events of the past year, Government guidelines outlined the need for particular support for pupils transitioning from Year 6 into Year 7.  Our Summer School provided this support through offering a blend of academic education and enrichment activities.

Pupils were prepared for the secondary curriculum by taking part in a range of lessons from across a variety of curriculum areas.

Over the course of the week, pupils also experienced a number of enrichment activities, including, a walk through Duxbury Woods with a stop at Frederick’s Ice Cream Parlour and a trip to Hollywood Bowl.  Also, a representative from the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy came to Holy Cross to run a theatre workshop, covering topics such as conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, communication and teamwork.

Summer School was a great success; it was wonderful to see pupils building a community with their peers, growing in confidence and becoming familiar with their new school environment ready for a positive start in September.

We look forward to Summer School 2022!

Summer School Rationale and Funding

Here are some comments taken from the parental feedback survey: 
‘My child really enjoyed the whole week. It did her the world of good with her confidence both with her peers and navigating around school. The activities were fun, yet got her used to the structure of a lesson.’
‘My child really enjoyed the range of different academic activities that were on offer as they made her really excited to start school. The bowling was also an excellent idea as it took her out of her comfort zone but was still a very positive experience for her.  She met new friends and teachers and was nowhere as nervous on her first day as she would have been if she hadn’t attended Summer School. She was, in fact, looking forward to starting school. I am so glad she attended; it has really helped her confidence.  It made a huge difference to her confidence in starting secondary school.  The simple process of coming into Holy Cross, being dropped off and collected by a parent, and learning to feel at home in her new environment were really valuable. It was also really helpful for her to meet a range of different teachers so that there would be familiar, friendly faces for her in her first few weeks. Summer school really enabled her to feel confident about her new environment. The friendly, supportive approach of all the staff has enabled her to take everything in her stride. We are really grateful to you all for the time you have given up.’
‘It was organised brilliantly and really appreciate this being in place to help the transition from primary school.
‘The summer school was fantastic for my son, as he was the only boy from his primary school going to Holy Cross.  This helped him make new friends and get a feel for the school.  He thoroughly enjoyed it and made him feel more at ease starting in September. Thank you’
‘Thoroughly appreciate the effort made by the staff to support my son in his transition to high school.  I have already sent an email to voice my appreciation as he enjoyed every minute. As he wasn’t at any of the feeder schools, the summer school provided him with an opportunity to make new friends. It also laid the foundation for his learning journey at Holy Cross.’
‘Joseph had a great time during summer school, he was able to meet some teachers and make new friends which really has helped him settle into school life with ease. Thank you!’