Avid book readers prepare for awards

20th January 2020

Ten Holy Cross Catholic High School pupils are reading and reviewing after being selected as a judging school for the prestigious Lancashire Book of the Year award.

A group of the school’s most avid readers have been ploughing their way through almost 30 books in order to be able to shortlist and judge the books ahead of the presentation day in July.

“We selected 10 pupils and each book has to be read twice but some pupils have read four or five,” said Head of English Miss Marsh.

“It’s an honour to be selected to review the books and the pupils are all enjoying the challenge. We meet up with other judging schools regularly to discuss our progress.”

Bookworm Ruby has read five books and said: “It’s good as it makes me read books I wouldn’t normally read. I have enjoyed the five so far although I found one hard to get into.”

Madison has read three books. “One of my books was Blood and Thunder by Kesia Lupo and it’s not normally a book I would have picked to read but I really enjoyed it and would read others by the same author now.

“I have found it interesting reading all the books, being introduced to new authors and reviewing them.”