Inspirational author visit

1st October 2019

Holy Cross pupils were inspired to write and read more as well as study maps and learn about the world with a visit from author Gill Lewis.

Gill has written a number of books, her first being Sky Hawk, about two children who forge a friendship through protecting a rare bird, an osprey.

The story goes from Scotland to Gambia and Gill includes maps and drawings in her books.

It meant Holy Cross pupils could spend different lessons during their day studying all aspects of the Sky Hawk book.

“I love visiting schools,” said Gill, who is a former vet and is passionate about conservation. “I hope to inspire students to read or write – I just give them ideas, where I got my inspiration from, and how to put feelings into words.

“It’s the first time I have been to Holy Cross and the pupils were really receptive.

“I am impressed they are using my books in Maths and Geography lessons as well as English.”

Pupil Benjamin said: “I have read Sky Hawk and I enjoyed it. My favourite bit is when the osprey goes to Africa.”

Amy added: “I have read two books by Gill Lewis as I have read Sky Dancer as well. I enjoyed hearing about the background to Sky Hawk.”

Head of English Miss Marsh said: ‘We were so pleased to welcome Gill to Holy Cross.

“The Sky Hawk project has run for three years now and every year the pupils love the novel so to have Gill in school to discuss her journey as an author and run some sessions was absolutely fantastic.”