Connor’s a record breaker

19th June 2018

Student Connor is a millionaire and a record breaker.

The Year Seven student is an avid reader and embarked on the Accelerated Reader Programme when he started his first year at Holy Cross.

The record number of words read in a school year by a Holy Cross student was 6.1 million by Ada in 2014-5.

Connor was determined to beat this and has just smashed the 6.2 million barrier.
“I love reading, I have read 65 books since September,” said Connor. “My favourites are the Percy Jackson series and I like fiction.

“I am really proud to hold the record. It’s mind blowing that I have read over six million words.”

On the ARP, students get a bronze award for 1m words, silver for 2.5m words and gold for 4m words – along with book prizes and a special celebration movie afternoon near the end of term.

“Connor was determined to beat Ada’s record, that was his full focus,” said Library Manager Ms Rushton. “There is no award for six million words so we have had to make him a special gold award badge of his own.”