Mrs. L. Walmsley

Mrs. Walmsley – Lay Chaplain

The purpose of the Chaplaincy is to support all the children and adults in Holy Cross who form our school community, through encouragement, friendship and prayer.

We hope that the work of the Chaplaincy will help to develop the Christian ethos which is such a big part of the school.  We encourage our students and staff to demonstrate their commitment to their faith in their daily lives:  to offer support and friendship to those in need; to be respectful of each other’s feelings; to take an active part in meaningful collective worship.

The Chaplaincy exists not to prove the school’s commitment to the Catholic faith, but to enable the students and staff to demonstrate their commitment in their daily lives and to support them in that faith.

Mrs Linda Walmsley is our Lay Chaplain. Linda co-ordinates collective worship across the school, as well as providing a wide range of events and opportunities for the spiritual development of our pupils, from masses and services to celebrate special days in the liturgical year, to the Friday Friends Group and the Faith in Action Award scheme.  Linda also supports the staff in their expressions of faith, leading a weekly reflection and co-ordinating Friday staff prayer in the Chapel.

We are very fortunate to have the support of the priests of the Chorley Pastoral Area, particularly Fr Graeme Dunne from St Gregory’s, who comes into school to celebrate mass for us.  We also welcome the Youth Ministry Team, Animate, into school during Lent to help us to reflect on and participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

The Chapel

The Chapel is available to classes every day, for prayer, meditation, or simply as a place of peace and calm in the midst of a busy school.  It is also the venue for our Friday Friends meeting, where we come together to have lunch, to offer support to each other and to enjoy each other’s company.

Each tutor group is invited to prepare a prayer service in the Chapel, with the support of the Lay Chaplain.  These are pupil-planned and pupil-led services in which our children are encouraged to reflect on what is important to them and how their own personal faith impacts on their daily lives.


Retreats for our students and staff form an important part of the spiritual life of the school.  We have a programme of day retreats for each year group, to help them to develop and sustain friendships and to reflect on their progress in school as they journey to become the young men and women God has created them to be, fulfilling God’s vision for them.   Staff are also encouraged to participate in the retreat programme and in days of reflection.

Care and Support

The Chaplain offers an open door and a listening ear for anyone in the school who needs support.  We all experience times of anxiety, loneliness, stress or sadness, but these things must shape our lives, not dominate them.  The Chaplain is a friend in times of need.

Our School Prayer

Dear Lord,

Help us to remember

That each and every person at Holy Cross matters.

Help us to see the good in each other.

Help us to listen to each other’s needs.

Help us to think about each other’s feelings.

Encourage us to always do what is right.

Inspire us to use our unique gifts for the good of the school.

Remind us that we are a community,

And that we are all equal and valuable.

We make this prayer through Jesus Christ, our Lord.