Mrs Z Coyle — Head of Department

Mathematics is the means of looking at the patterns that make up our world and the intricate and beautiful ways in which they are constructed and realised. Numeracy is the means of making that knowledge useful. 

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Mathematics contributes to the Holy Cross Catholic High School curriculum by developing pupils’ abilities to calculate; to reason logically, algebraically, and geometrically; to solve problems and to handle data. Mathematics is important for pupils in many other areas of study. It is also important in everyday living, in many forms of employment, and in public decision-making. As a subject in its own right, Mathematics presents frequent opportunities for creativity, and can stimulate moments of pleasure and wonder when a problem is solved for the first time, or a more elegant solution to a problem is discovered, or when hidden connections suddenly manifest.


It enables pupils to build a secure framework of mathematical reasoning, which they can use and apply with confidence. The power of mathematical reasoning lies in its use of precise and concise forms of language, symbolism and representation to reveal and explore general relationships. These mathematical forms are widely used for modelling situations; a trend accelerated by computational technologies.


The subject transcends cultural boundaries and its importance is universally recognised. Mathematics helps us to understand and change the World.
All pupils study mathematics for three or four periods a week. We aim to provide pupils with the necessary skills for life and to help them to achieve their full potential in their GCSE exams. We also strive to develop an enjoyment of mathematics. Pupils are assessed each half term based on the units taught during that time. They are encouraged to accept responsibility for their learning and are offered opportunities to revisit any areas of difficulty.


The department has a suite of four rooms, each of which contains a Smartboard, mini whiteboards and a variety of other resources to enhance pupils’ learning. We subscribe to the ‘MyMaths’ website to enhance learning opportunities both in school and at home. The mathematics section of the school ‘MOODLE’ site has recently been significantly developed and is constantly being updated. Pupils are expected to access the wealth of resources at home from the site.


At Key Stage 3 pupils follow the ‘Maths Link’ series and at Key Stage 4 the two-year GCSE Edexcel course. Both the Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Schemes of Work are accessible via our MOODLE site.

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Pupils undertake an assessment each half term based on the topics taught during that period of time. They are given feedback and guidance on how to improve their results. Learning within lessons is continually reviewed and modified to cater to the needs of individuals as appropriate. We use many AFL techniques in lessons to carefully assess pupils and give instant feedback. Assessment results, together with homework and classwork evaluations, are used to inform the setting of pupils.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

  • UK Schools’ Mathematics Challenge –      Junior & Intermediate level entries (run by Leeds University)
  • Runshaw Mathematics Challenge
  • Edge Hill University Mathematics      Challenge
  • Edge Hill University Master Classes
  • University of Liverpool Master Classes
  • National Cipher Challenge
  • Puzzle of the Week
  • KS3 Puzzle and Games Club
  • STEM Club
  • Jaguar Challenge Club
  • Chess Club
  • Young Enterprise
  • GCSE Revision Classes
  • KS3 Maths Clinic
  • Involvement in World Maths Day and World      Pi Day
  • Annual visits to Maths Inspiration      events

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